Mandayam Talent Feast 2021



The much awaited annual cultural program premiered on the Sabha’s YouTube channel on 25th December 2021) ( As has become the norm since COVID restrictions began, the virtual celebration drew Mandayam talent from across the globe, and was viewed eagerly by the audience from the same geographical reach.

Sri Parthasarathy (Ramanujamuni family) introduced the day’s programs, which began with the melodious singing of sisters Smt.Lakshmi Kishore and Smt. Ramya Narayan. Following this, Sri SheshNarayan, president of the Sabha, welcomed the audience. The cute dance of the Patriotic Kids, trained by Smt.Deepthi Kope, was appreciated by the audience.

A well lloved series which began a couple of years ago, continued its edition this time, with Sri Ravi Narasimhan interviewing Sri M.D.Jaisimha, to reveal the known and hitherto unknown facets of the latter’s personality. Sri Sheshnarayan as well as children and grandchildren of Sri MD Jaisimha also shared their insights about him.

This was followed by a unique program on the traditional indoor games, both known and forgotten ones, threaded together by a youthful, energetic “paati”. The Musical Journey with Nature, by the ladies was a treat to the eyes and ears. “Pandigaiyum Prasadamum” – a short skit by Smt Jaishree Srinivasan and team, introduced the “Naivedyam” for the various festivals of our community. Viewing the delectable prasadams, made all our mouths water.

A couple of books about people in our community were introduced to the audience. The first day’s capsule concluded with Sri M.D Naresh rendering a composition of his father, Sri M D Parthasarathy.


The second day’s programme ( was compered by Smt.Revathi M.A. Youngsters rendered a few movie songs, vocally and on the violin, as a tribute to the greats. This was followed by another segment of Sri Ravi Narasimhan’s interviews where we learnt more about Smt. Rajalakshmi, popularly known as ‘Basketball Raji’. “Hottegaagi… Eradu Rottigaagi” spoke about the invasion of technology in our lives. The humorous play “SomeSaree” by Sri M D Srinivasan and team was about the love of the Saree.

The second part of “Paati Coming” showed us some more traditional games, both indoor and outdoor. Enthusiasm of the participants was tangible across the screen. The next segment was a conversation among the various gadgets in the house during the “Lockdown Times”. “Retro to Metro” – a dance tribute to film greats across the ages was welcomed by the audience.

The 2 day programme concluded with a Vote of Thanks by the Sabha Secretary, Sri Ravi Narasimhan.


2021 North American Mandayams Virtual Meet

The 2021 North American(NA) Mandayams Virtual Meet was live streamed on Nov 20, 2021. For the past 2 years, due to Covid related restrictions, the meet has been streamed online.

Like the previous year, the event brought together virtually the entire North American Mandayam community spread across the USA and Canada. The event was live-streamed on YouTube Premier by Sri. Kaushik Kothagal. Hosted by teens Kum. Meghana Shamarayar, and Kum. Nimisha Anand – the girls discussed the importance of various medicinal herbs & plants we use in our daily food.

The programs consisted a mix of heritage/tradition (depicting Dashavatharam, Shlokams), classical music(Nottuswaram-RRajeevaksham, Sanskrit & Tamil Birthday songs), fusion dance(Bharatanatyam/Kathak fusion, contemporary fusion), Bollywood dance hits, instrumental music(Trumpet, Saxophone) and a nice depiction of the patriotic song(Mile Sur Mera Tumhara). Among other attractions, the ladies showcased their culinary skills with ‘Passing the Karandi Challenge’.

Another highlight was the exclusive interview of Sri. Natampally Narsimhan who recently immigrated to the USA. Sri. Narasimhan shared his experiences of settling abroad in a talk with his son-in-law, Sri. Narayan Makaram.

Overall the event was very well viewed and received by audiences all over the world, and was testament to the fact that every participant including kids, teens and adults had put in a lot of time and effort in making their programs.