Dear All,

Winston Churchill said – “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” This quote holds true especially in the last 2 years.

Mandayam Sabha Members, also grabbed opportunities – most visible being the complete DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Cultural activities went digital with a plethora of activities every week. The Annual meet stayed true to the sense of bringing people together with the participation of Mandayam Iyengars across the world, and the performances watched by a global audience. Hats off to the great achievement by the Cultural Team.

Iyengars excel in acquiring knowledge and the treasure trove of our ancestors is archived in over 800 books available in the Mandayam Digital Library at

Vamshaparampara Software, designed and developed by the Genealogy team, captures the family tree, hobbies, interests, professions, educational qualifications of the community members. Click on to know more as well as add your family details!

This issue of the newsletter was long in the making – apologies for the delay. Do send in your contributions for future issues to [email protected]. Share your thoughts and writings. Enjoy reading our Mandayam writing talent.

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M D Seshnarayan



Dear Family and Friends,

A big apology for publishing this edition so late. When we began, the enthu and drive were good, the pace was amazing. Even the stories we received were good. At the time when we were good to go, two things held it back. One was personal emergencies. Another, the wish to include coverage of an upcoming Sabha event in this issue.

The best part of this issue is that it primarily consists of contributions from across the Mandayam community. Very glad to get this kind of contributions. It makes the issue interesting and is more than just a report of the activities of Mandayam Sabha. The talent that we have within our community is so immense and beautiful, we hope to capture it all here. Thanks to all the contributors. In future, we would be happy to include more articles from Mandayam Iyengars across the world (Else, it will become a patriarchy publication…😊).

Send your contributions to [email protected]. Please do send it in a format that is compatible with different software, so that publishing it in the various media is possible. Also, the editorial team will try our best to verify facts before publishing, but it may not always be possible.

Our guru – Sri Ramanujacharya – brought people from all walks of life under a single umbrella. Similarly, we would like this newsletter to bring us all Mandayam folks together. Hope to hear from all of you and receive contributions (articles, notes, poems, literary works, achievements, etc) that give us an insight into our community and our contributions to the world in general (small or big).

Happy reading.
Rekha Rangaswamy (Editor)