“To build a spiritually, culturally, socially and economically strong worldwide community of Mandayam Iyengars while preserving, protecting and propagating the tenets of Srivaishnava Sampradaya”.


(a)  Promotion of education and knowledge base through building of Institutions.

(b)  Protection and propagation of Mandayam Srivaishnava culture, tradition, sampradayams globally through new technologies.

(c)  Promotion of good health and well being through traditional and modern sports/games and medical awareness.


The ‘Vision’ projects can be, which have been evolved by the vision committee for ‘future vision’, under the three themes.

(a)   Education and Knowledge:


  1. Have our own school /college. Facilitate entry of Mandyam Srivaishnavas with ease, which otherwise is difficult today, with current reservation policies.
  2. Have a suitable wing in the Academy for building up and encourage “Entreprunaral” capabilities of the members of the community including housewives.
  3. Keep excellence on goal; churn out the best Mandyams Srivaishnavas in education by scholarship.

(b) Spiritual:


  1. Srivaishnavism course – with global reach through modern technologies.
  2. Resource Centre – with Books, CD’s, DVD’s etc.
  3. Significance and methods of Performance of various festivals, – it’s uploading on web.
  4. Details of Srivaishnava temples – with pictures, text, history, sanctity – uploading on web.
  5. DVD ‘s on tours of  Divyadeshams of Mandayams – uploading on web.
  6. CD, DVD etc on History of Alwars and Acharyas – uploading on web.
  7. Details of Mandayam tradition – food, dress, marriage, upanayanam etc. – uploading on web.
  8. Protection and propagation of Mandayam Dialect – unique language.
  9. Literary Masters of Mandayams (achievers).
  10. Acharya Ramanuja-life history.
  11. Our achievers in various fields.
  12. Our Panchangam etc.
  13. Gurukula / patashalas, in Sanskrit for  Vedas  & Tamil for Prabhandams.
  14. F.A.Q

(c) Well being:


  1. Revival of traditional sport played by Mandayams- Basket ball.
  2. Introduce new sports, games, for the youth, rock climbing, adventure sports, trekking, water surfing etc.
  3. Coaching classes- coaches, trainers, Training the trainer.
  4. Facilities- Ground acquiring, indoor stadium, flood light facilities, initiates tournaments, undertaking international tours.
  5. Adopt sports medicine in sports.
  6. Conduct medical camps, improve medical awareness.
  7. Become a role model for others with our sports academy.

Although our community is small, we have been in the forefront in many fields. The success achieved is only by individuals. As a community we should become stronger and more recognized by

  1. more involvement
  2. building assets
  3. starting educational institutions
  4. encouraging our members to become politically, officially and socially active and recognized.
  5. Encouraging members to become successful entrepreneurs.

In the present context of social changes, movement and distribution of our members around the world, we should come together to build a stronger, healthier, richer and noble community retaining our old values and traditions with more co-operation and involvement.