History of Mandayam Srivaishnava Sabha

History of Mandayam Srivaishnava Sabha

The Sabha consisting of Mandayam Srivaishnavas was born about 100 years ago on 30-12-1916, when the first Central committee was formed under the Presidentship of U. Ve. Praktana Vimarshana Vichikshana Prachya Vidya Vaibhava Rao Bahadur R. Narasimhachar. Magnanimity and generosity of U. Ve Sri M.O Parthasarathy Iyengar provided Rs. 1 Lakh as seed money. This endowment under M.O.P Iyengar trust continues even today.

The objectives were:

a) Livelihood and growth through education and knowledge base. This can be seen even today in community’s youth, who are engaged as computer and software professionals.
b) Spiritual fervor following Srivaishnava culture.
c) Physical and Mental ‘well being’ through exercises.

The Sabha started functioning with meetings at Bangalore, Madras, Mysore, Melukote and Mandya.
Pursuing the above objectives, ‘Mysore students home’ was opened in the year 1917. Deserving and needy students were given hostel accommodation and scholarships for studies. A Samskruta Patashala was opened in premises of Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple in Malleshwaram, teaching Sanskrit and Divyaprabhandam.

Simultaneously, in Madras, due to philanthropic nature of U. Ve M.O Parthasarathy Iyengar an Educational institution was started in one of his houses. It is interesting to note that, for 7 years between 1918 and 1925, Sabha did not function due to difference of opinion among members regarding
the prescribed atonement for those returning from overseas by steamer etc., and other causes. The Sabha was restarted in 1925 under the Presidentship of U. Ve. Rao Saheb R.A Srinivasa Iyengar.

In the next 3 years rules, regulations, by-laws were made and constitution, which is followed even today, was framed on 30-12-1928. The Sabha was registered in October 1934.

The following indicates chronological evolutions of the Sabha.

  • 1934 During this period the Sabha purchased the building, where present Mandayam Home is located in Ramavilasa Agrahara at Mysore, through the benevolence of Swamy Srivasananda, Appalacharya swamy and Raobahadur R. Narasimhachar amounting to nearly Rs. 7,000. Thus the first immovable asset of Sabha was created.
  • 1935 First Mandayam Ladies meet in Mandya, in the premises of Lakshmi Janardhana Temple, under the presidentship of Srimathy Ranganayakamma Mandyam.
  • 1936 Mandayam Home receives a grant of Rs. 4,000 from the Government.
  • 1937 H. H. Maharaja of Mysore grants 10 acres of wet land irrigatable by Irvin canal in Guttalu Village in Mandya Hobli, which was given on lease to farmers. Return of Rs. 250 per month from this land was used for maintenance of ‘Home’ in Mysore.
  • 1946 Mysore Trust board gave 1001 x 1081 site in Jayalakshmipuram, free of cost to start a Vidyarthinilayam.
  • 1947 Sri M.C Rajamannar made important changes in Sabha administration.Donations for Patrons, Donors, Life members were fixed. Ordinary members were charged a nominal fee of Re 1 to Rs 4.
  • Central committee to be composed of, all Patrons and President, Vice president, Secretary and 10 other members, who were all elected from the non-patron group of General body.
  • 1953 Release of the book ‘Mandayam Srivaishnava History’ authored by Mandayam Jatavallabha Singraiyengar, based on his monumental research on Mandayam community.
  • 1955 Our Lands gave nearly 18 pallas of rice each year.
  • 1960 Literary and merit awards started: First awardees were Sri M.A Lakshmithathachar, Sri M.A. Yadugiri and Sri S.Narsimharajan for Basketball.
  • 1963 Mandayam socials was unique, attracting more than 500 Mandayams. Sabha reached a capital of Rs 32,000.
  • 1967 First Mandayam Bulletin was released.
  • 1974 Due to Land reforms act, Paddy which was being received so far, was stopped.
  • 1979 Diamond jubilee of ‘Mandyam Home’. Honouring of vidwans and vaidikas by H. H Yadugiri Yatiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeeyar.
  • 1980 Release of Genealogy book of Mandayams. A Monumental work by Sri Asouri Ramanuja Iyengar, R.N. Tirunarayana Iyengar and Late S.N. Gopal. Thyagaraja Aaradhana Started.
  • 1987 Ramanujacharya’s Tirunakshatram was started. Lands in Mandya were surrendered to Government.
  • 1992 Platinum Jubilee of Sabha was celebrated with grandeur in Varadacharya Memorial Hall.
  • 1998 A landmark was achieved in the creation of Sabha’s valuable immovable asset viz, Ramanuja Samskruti Bhavana due to unstinted efforts of late R.A. Krishnaswamy, Late M.K. Tirunarayana Iyengar, R. M. Parthasarathy, M.A Narasimhan, S. Rangarajan and a team of dedicated and committed persons.
  • 2000 – 2008 Cultural activities took the prime seat in to the functions with the accompanying Thadiyaradhane, Thyagaraja and Purandaradasa Aaradhane, Aadivallikkilamai celebration, organized visits to Melukote and other temple towns on festive occasions, recognition of merit in various fields, promoting Srivaishnavism by honouring Mandayam vaidikas and scholars for promoting Vishistadvaita, Divya prabhandham Ghosti tradition, Vaadyarike etc., annually. These have become regular features. Managing committee’s increasing efforts to regularise the bequeathed properties to the sabha has to be lauded.
  • 2006 Sabha’s 90th year was celebrated on a grand scale. A commemoration volume was released. Mandayams above 90 years of age were honoured.
  • 2008 Events organized were:Global Mandayam meet:- A Social Cultural Reunion of Mandayam Diaspora spread all over the globe, scheduled from 25-12-2008 to 28-12-2008 with many programmes.
  • Revised Genealogy book was released.
  • Formation of a Vision committee to look into future growth of Sabha.
    An important part of Sabha’s activities is the annual socials held during December. Various outdoor sports, indoor games, competition in arts and Crafts are regularly held. Music dance, drama etc., mostly depicting Srivaishnava values are part of these cultural functions.

MS Sabha Articles I, II, III

(Registered under the Mysore Society Regulation III of 1904)
(Amended up to 31st January 1962)


The name of the association shall be “The Mandayam Srivaishnava Sabha”.


The objects of the Sabha will be

1. To provide for the education of the poor and deserving students of the community.
2. To relieve the indigent members of the community in case of distress or necessity.
3. To accept the guardianship of the person and property of orphan minors of the community.
4. To undertake the administration of charities established by the members of the community or for their benefit.
5. To undertake periodic social surveys of the community.
6. To encourage and foster literary, artistic or other talent in the members of the community.
7. To engage in any other movement or measure that may be conducive to the general well being and progress of the community.

N.B. Matters affecting politics will be excluded.


These objects will be realized by the following means

1. Educational

i. Opening and maintaining Vidyarthi Nilayams (Students Hostels) at suitable places to provide boarding and lodging to students of the community.
ii. Giving free scholarships to deserving students.
iii. Giving loan-scholarship to students studying for technical examinations.

2. Social

i. Arranging for social gatherings, communal conferences, lectures on useful topics, and studying classes for the benefit of the members of the community.
ii. Making a social survey of the community in all its aspects and publishing the same from time to time.

3. Philanthropic

i. Undertaking or assisting in the administration of religious and charitable institutions, trusts and endowments established by the members of the community or for their benefit.
ii. Providing indigent members of the community with pecuniary or any other assistance.
iii. Looking after the person and property of the orphan minors or other helpless members of the community.

The affairs of the Mandayam Sri Vaishnava Sabha (R.) are managed by the Central Committee called Karya Nirvahak Mandali, which consists of patrons and ten members elected by the Annual General Body Meeting.

This Central Committee elects President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer & Office Bearers. The
tenure of the Central Committee is 3 years and will look after the objects of the Sabha.

List of Past Presidents, Sectrataries etc.

The Mandayam Srivaishnava Sabha was started in the year 1916, due to dedicated foresight of founding fathers with a view to help our community in all spheres of life. Following List gives the details of the Office Bearers since inception till today.


01. SRI M. O. PARTHASARATHY IYENGAR for the year (s) 1915
02. SRI R. NARASIMHACHAR  for the year (s) 1916
03. SRI. M. A. PARTHASARATHY IYENGAR  for the year (s) 1918
04. SRI M. O. PARTHASARATHY IYENGAR  for the year (s) 1921-1924
05. SRI R. NARASIMHACHAR  for the year  for the year (s) 1924-1934
06. SRI M. A. THIRUNARAYANACHARIER  for the year (s) 1935-1945
07. SRI M. A. NARAYANA IYENGAR  for the year (s) 1946-1947
08. SRI M. N. ANANDALWAR  for the year (s) 1947-1948 and  for the year (s) 1948-1954
09. SRI D. S. MANDYAM  for the year (s) 1955-1973
10. SRI M. D. RAJAGOPALAN/SRI DR. S. S. JAYARAM for the year (s) 1973-1974
11. SRI DR. S. S. JAYARAM  for the year (s) 1975-1990
12. SRI R. A. KRISHNASWAMY for the year (s) 1991-1994
13. SRI D. S. MURTHY for the year (s) 1995-1997
14. SRI M. D. RAMANUJAM  for the year (s) 1998- NOW


01. SRI M. T. NARAN IYENGAR for the year (s) 1916 and 1921-1924
02. SRI M. A. NARAYANA IYENGAR for the year (s) 1924-1936
03. SRI MANNI SINGARACHARI for the year (s) 1936 – 1948
04. SRI M. R. SINGRACHAR for the year (s) 1955 – 1958
05. SRI M. A. RANGASWAMY for the year (s) 1958-1961 and 1963-1967
06. SRI M. J. NARAYANA IYENGAR for the year (s) 1961-1962
07. SRI M. D. RAMASWAMY IYENGAR for the year (s) 1967-1971
08. SRI R. A. ALASINGRACHAR for the year (s) 1971-1973
09. SRI M. K. V. ACHARYA / SRI M. C. PARTHASARATHY for the year (s) 1973-1974
10. SRI M. V. PARTHASARATHY / SRI M. D. RAJAGOPALAN for the year (s) 1974-1975
11. SRI M. V. PARTHASARATHY / SRI R. A. PARTHASARATHY IYENGAR for the year (s) 1975-1976
12. SRI M. V. PARTHASARATHY for the year (s) 1977-1978
13. SRI M. R. KRISHNA / SRI R.N.T. IYENGAR for the year (s) 1979-1981
14. SRI R.N.T. IYENGAR for the year (s) 1982-1983
15. SRI R.N.T. IYENGAR/ SRI M. D. SRINIVASAN for the year (s) 1984-1985
16. SRI R.N.T. IYENGAR  / SRI M. D. JAYASIMHA for the year (s) 1986-1990
17. SRI R. N. T. IYENGAR / SRI M. D. SRINIVASAN for the year (s) 1991-1992

18. SRI M. D. JAYASIMHA / SRI M. K. NARASIMHAN for the year (s) 1993-1994
19. SRI M. D. JAYASIMHA for the year (s) 1995-2000
20 SRI M. C. SAMPATH KUMAR for the year (s) 2001-2004
21 M. A. DWARAKI for the year (s) 2004-


01. SRI K. SRINIVASA IYENGAR for the year (s) 1921-1924
02. SRI M. A. NARASIMHACHAR for the year (s) 1936-1948
03. SRI M. A. RANGASWAMI for the year (s) 1955-1962
04. SRI M. J. NARAYANA IYENGAR for the year (s) 1962-1967
05. SMT. S. RANGANAYAKI AMMAL for the year (s) 1967-1974
06. SMT. R. A. SUSHILA RAJAGOPAL for the year (s) 1974-1983
07. SMT. THIRU JAYARAM for the year (s) 1984-1985
08. SRI M. D. SRINIVASAN for the year (s) 1986-1987
09. SRI M. A. KRISHNA for the year (s) 1988-1990 and for the year (s) 2001-2004
10. SRI M. D. JAYASIMHA for the year (s) 1991-1992
11. SRI R. N. T. IYENGAR for the year (s) 1993-2000
12. SRI M. A. RAMPRASAD for the year (s) 2001-NOW