Mandayam News – Open to submissions!

Hi Everyone,

It’s time again to re-connect and forge ahead with the next issue of the Mandayam News.  We wish to make the upcoming issue interesting for us (editorial team) and you (the readers) too.

Hence, we thought to focus on “Children”.  We checked with a few children on what will interest them to pick up the magazine and read!! Here are a few of topics of interest, shared by them.

Typically, the WHY and HOW is there in their asks.

  • HOW:
    • To draw, decode, Learn languages
    • Information and details from Sports achievers on how they train, fun incidents, motto/quote
    • Behind the scenes:  of how a school is run or a factory is taken care of, etc…
    • Crossword, Jokes and Riddles, Fun Facts
    • Fun incidents
  • WHY:
    • Info on a topic like whether what kind of food is good / bad.. Example: cereals, specific junk food
    • Learn Shlokas
    • Science for kids
  • WHAT:
    • To do First aid/ tips when bird pecks, insect bites etc
    • Management activities on how does a School run / factories (Behind the scene, what happens)
    • Careers – what do you do?

Last but not the least is Preservation… and it is all about the world / nature.  Waste upcycling or re-cycling / environment related issues and how it can be done by them, at the children’s level…

Contributions on these topics is what will interest them… Request for written contributions for any of these topics mentioned.

By the way, the activities of the Sabha will also feature in this issue… No worries there…

Do connect with our editorial team for sending across your write ups/pictures and any related material.

Write to [email protected]


Thank you,
Editorial Team
Mandayam Sabha