Editor’s Note

Dear readers,

Wish you all and your families a very Happy, Prosperous, Exciting New Year 2020.

Last year, activities of our Sabha and community were plenty across locations – thanks to the organisers everywhere. Every report received has been included for all of us to know how we celebrate our togetherness in different ways.

We regret that the mentor and leader list was incomplete in the last edition. The complete list is printed in this issue.

Contributions to the newsletter, from our readers, continue to increase and we hope to get more from our younger readers too. Suggestions, contributions, feedback… all are welcome. Please continue to write to us at mandayamnews@gmail.com.

Happy reading!


Editorial team.


From the President’s desk

Dear Members,

Wish you all a very Happy New Year! Last year was exciting and eventful for all of us and we wish this year brings everyone more happiness.

New formats and events were introduced across events of the Sabha, generating greater interest among participants and audience. Activities were organized to draw in and encourage talent across domains and age groups. We hope to continue in this direction, with more events and participation.

Success of the various sports, games as well as the annual cultural events encourages the organizers to bring more and grander events for the entire community.

Events of this year will begin with Thyagaraja Aradhane celebrations.  Participate, attend and enjoy all of them.

Let us all collaborate for a Wonderful, Enjoyable, Exciting 2020!