The most awaited celebration of the year – the year end cultural event was held on 24th December 2022. Being able to attend in person and perform live in front of the community was the greatest attraction for both the audience and the performers. The KrishnaDevaraya auditorium was filled soon, and some of the audience was forced to stand.

The program began with the customary invocation by brothers Srikiran and Srinandan. It was followed by the welcome address by our President Sri M. D. Sheshanarayan. Academic accomplishments of meritorious students of our community were appreciated with certificates and cash prizes, which were handed over by the stakeholders of the Endowment fund. The Sabha was also honoured to felicitate Dr.Smt.R.M.Lalitha and Sri.M.B.Nagaraj, a mentor of the Sabha, for their achievements and contributions.

The cultural program was compeered by ladies of 2 generations – Deepthi and Dhriti– the youngster learning from the older, and enlightening the audience simultaneously – about the traditions and highlights of the community and the Sabha. The audience engagement was high as they answered to various questions by the compeers.

The program itself had over 110 participants from young kids to the veterans. It began with the Nature Dance, where cute youngsters as flowers and the graceful peacocks, stole the show in The Nature Dance, choreographed by Smt. Jayanthi Bhagwan. The mothers performed a semi-classical dance before joining the kids for another dance. The dances were interspersed by an audio-visual of the annual program of IBB.

The melodious, yet energetic rendition of a medley of songs, with karaoke, by young ladies of the community was appreciated with thunderous applause. This was followed by the comic mystery, Gandharvasena, whose identity was revealed only at the end. Directed by Smt. Vaidehi Murali and Smt. Deepthi Ghanti, the young kids displayed wonderful dramatic skills to regale the audience.

While young girls enchanted the audience with their dance “Bhinnatvam Ekata”, ladies of the community displayed how graceful exercising can be, through the” Yoga Dance”, directed by Smt. Harini Makaram. The drama team, all the way from Mysore, entertained the audience with “Indina Sholay”, a twist on the classic movie. Then again was another dance, “Panchatatvam”, where ladies in white brought to life the 5 Elements.

Another entertaining skit “Oggattinalli Ruchi”, performed by Smt. Jayshree and team, was followed by a tribute to the late SPB, where the team showcased various dance forms as Kannada songs of the celebrated singer played in the background.

Rashmi Madhuri, a participant in the Miss India pageant, was felicitated and gave an impromptu interview on stage. The “Lazy Dance” of our young boys was followed by an power packed medley of western dance forms by the young ladies. Both the captivating performances were choreographed by sisters, Kum. Anjana Simha and Kum. Swati Simha.

Our country was celebrating 75 years of Independence, and the Sabha contributed to the “Amrit Mahotsav”. The program ended with the Sabha office bearers participating along with a flash mob to the “Vande Mataram”.