Note from the President

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

The year 2022 was a tremendous success with loads of activities mapped out. All of them were conducted successfully except for a few like the track & field events which the rain gods disrupted. The enthusiastic response we get from the few regular members keeps the spirit going. Of the nearly 5000 community members, only a few families participate with zeal. We would like each and every member of the community and their families to actively participate in all the MSS activities throughout the year. Yes, our HQ is in Bangalore but our Sabha has Shakhas and active members in Mysore, Chennai, USA and other places, who conduct interesting events. We urge each one of you to connect with us and help us connect to people who are not aware of the Sabha’s programmes.

We have progressed with the times and are available on digital platforms like the WhatsApp group MandayamCommunityBroadcast; Mandayam Community Group on Facebook, Mandayam Sri Vaishnava Sabha channel on Youtube; MandayamSabha google group on email . Get connected and expand your family network within the community.

MSS has done an awesome job of rebuilding and reviving the Mysore Hostel, where commercial space and rooms are available for hire. RPAC, Melukote is a space in our traditional town to conduct small functions and get-together. We invite each and every one of you to visit these facilities, avail the benefits and recommend them to others.

We invite your participation in and contributions to the ongoing activities like the Mandayam Digital Library, online Vamshaparampara and the online Archive of photographs. You can contact the respective leads for more information.

Look forward to a more enthusiastic and energetic year ahead.

Warm Regards
M D Seshnarayan



Dear Readers, We are back…yes the Mandayam news exists and still kicking alive. This issue has beautifully captured the happenings about the sabha and our community with pictures and brief write ups. It is loaded with pictures that speak a thousand words and a few words that complete the picture. Our team, with almost nil manpower, has brought to life, this issue which talks about a really old incident of 1935 to the latest cultural events of the Sabha. Enjoy these pages recreated by our able designer and content developer.

For the future issues of Mandayam News, yes we will continue to publish them and hopefully more regularly. There are many interesting ideas like an endowment series. It has begun with the Late Sri MCK Iyengar. In future issues, we will capture the story of other donors and their contributions to our society. We also wish to publish more stories about eminent personalities within our community from all walks of life. Human stories that capture the essence of our community are also planned.

To get these stories we need our own “Citizen Journalists”. Calling on the young and old talented Mandayam Iyengars to contribute and extend a helping hand to make our Mandayam News more interesting, a magazine to reckon with. Mandayam Citizen Journalists can be of all age groups, should be willing to interview, research and write. Your enthusiasm and passion will be the key driving factor.

Interested in becoming a citizen Journo? share your contact details as well as topics and area of interest to [email protected]

Happy reading.
Rekha Rangaswamy (Editor)